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scratch card in online casino You have likely come across instant online scratchcards cards at various retail stores or post offices. You may have even purchased one before. These cards can be scratched with a coin or nails to reveal the playing field. The benefit of this type of lottery is that you receive the results instantly and can win a small prize immediately.

Nowadays, it is possible to participate in lottery games through online casinos. In contrast to traditional scratch-off tickets, online versions do not physically pass into players' hands, and a computerized random number generator determines the game's outcome. This process can be monitored online.

Scratch cards are not as widely favoured as roulette, blackjack, or slot machines in casinos. However, online lottery games still have a following. The game's concept is straightforward: make a wager, obtain a lottery ticket, and erase the playing fields on it with a simple click of the mouse. If you uncover a matching pair of numbers, you win. Frequently, you must locate three, four, or five identical numbers to win, depending on the game's rules.

The simplicity of the instant lottery is its most significant benefit. There's no need to learn complicated rules, instructions, or strategies. Instant scratch cards operate similarly to slot machines without bonuses, special symbols, or pay lines. The only sound effect is when the virtual ticket fields are erased. It's safe to say that online lotteries are better suited for conservative players. It's worth noting that lotteries are less noisy than other more fast-paced casino games.

A few words about the history of scratch card lottery in India

Utilizing scratch cards to create lottery tickets was a groundbreaking idea that provided a fast payout option for players. The first American lottery to incorporate scratch cards was named "instant play," It served as the foundation for numerous local and international lotteries that offered comparable rewards.

In 1987, AstroMed Inc. obtained a patent for the scratch card concept, marking a pivotal moment in their future growth and global recognition. Scratch cards have since been utilized in various industries, including advertising, charitable causes, and beyond, extending beyond their traditional use in lotteries and prize winnings. Nowadays, scratch cards are widely employed for various services and purposes.

In 2005, Scratch2Cash launched the initial online scratch card project. Other developers quickly adopted this concept, resulting in the widespread availability of online scratch card lotteries in virtually every online casino today.

The evolution of scratch card lottery tickets has led to their integration into smartphone casinos. Online lottery play is now as easy as any other online casino game. Gone are the days of searching for a nearby shop, waiting in line, and struggling to scratch off the coating without damaging the previous layer. With the convenience of online play, you can try your luck any day or night by simply visiting the casino website and hovering your mouse over the picture.

List of Indian online casinos with Scratch cards

How to choose an online scratch card lottery in India?

You have the freedom to play any lottery game you desire. It's important to select the one that appeals to you the most. We suggest choosing a lottery with a well-crafted design, as it can enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, it's crucial to consider the maximum payout amount. Some lotteries offer minimum winnings equal to the bet, while others provide double or triple the stake. Another factor to consider is the online lottery's RCI (return to player) percentage, which typically ranges from 95-96%. However, it's worth noting that all lotteries have identical terms and conditions.

The game's outcome is solely determined by the numbers concealed on the lottery ticket. Therefore, playing it repeatedly will inevitably lead to losing. Discussing any successful tactics for scratch cards in India is unsuitable, as we can only address two ideas.

If you're a frequent lottery player, opt for the scratch card offering the most wins and the lowest wager. This particular game will have a relatively low level of fluctuation.

Consider choosing high-risk games with high payouts if you're willing to take the risk to win a large amount of money. Focus on placing large bets and avoid placing small ones.

Numerous online casinos display the most recent player winnings and a list of their played games on their websites. This demonstrates that scratch cards are profitable and that the casino is happy to distribute winnings. When playing scratch cards online, opt for free ones to potentially win actual money or select ones with appealing designs and enjoy the experience. You may be the fortunate winner, but if not, don't take it to heart. Remember that it's just a game; don't anticipate too much from it.

The best scratch cards to win

Scratch Card Name Provider Card Price (INR) Maximum Payout (INR) Odds of Winning
Lucky Streak Lotto247 100 1,00,000 1 in 3.96
777 The Lotter 200 2,00,000 1 in 3.52
Money Spinner Playwin 50 2,50,000 1 in 4.03
Fast Cash KhelPlay 100 1,00,000 1 in 3.59
Diamond Deal Lotto Agent 250 5,00,000 1 in 3.48

Scratch cards in their classic form are designed as small tickets with a playing field consisting of nine cells on the front side. Each sector bears specific images, which are hidden under a special coating. Participants are invited to scratch off the cover to reveal the drawings and determine if they have won according to the rules.

Scratch cards offer a prize when three identical images appear in the cells. The amount of the reward is indicated in a separate section.

There are two methods for players to remove the coating. The first is to hover the mouse over the desired sector and scrape off the coating sequentially in each cell. The second method is to remove the layer in all cells at once. Players can use the Scratch All or the Show Card key to accomplish this, depending on the game version. All images on the map will be instantly revealed by pressing this key.

Modern versions of online free instant win scratch cards in India

Virtual lotteries come with extra features. Developers are introducing enhanced versions of online scratch-and-win games to provide more diverse entertainment options. This has led to the availability of various types of lottery tickets for users.

Larger field maps

This type of scratch card features multiple rows and levels on the playing field, with several dozen cells containing various images. Winning requires more than finding a few matching pictures; players must collect identical images arranged vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, depending on the specific game rules.

Best scratch cards with "winning" patterns

A unique image that signifies a win is featured on individual tickets and is placed in a distinct cell. The idea is given a specific value right away. The user is rewarded if the "winning" picture appears in the standard playing area.

Scratch cards with service symbols

Particular patterns usually come in one of two options in lotteries.

The "Wild" symbol can substitute any image and complete the collection of pictures to achieve victory. Playtech X-Men Scratch is an instance of a scratch card that utilizes this feature. The Wild symbol can replace any character image in the game, ensuring a winning outcome for the card.

The lottery ticket contains a bonus symbol that grants the holder the opportunity to participate in extra prize rounds.

Scratch cards with bonus games

The bonus symbol is primarily responsible for triggering prize rounds. Bonus rounds are incorporated into different types of lotteries, such as:

  • "Choose and Win" mini-games are available, and users can select drawings to win extra prizes.
  • The outcome of a game of chance can result in a player being awarded credits or extra multipliers, depending on the rules.
  • Extra complimentary cards are similar to free spins in slot machines.

Lotteries with non-standard graphic design

These scratch cards feature unique images instead of the typical cells and fields. For instance, Playtech's Classic Slots Scratch Card resembles a slot machine and requires players to match identical patterns to win. Meanwhile, Playtech's Roulette Scratch Card displays a roulette wheel on the card, with the winning number determined by where the ball lands.

Scratch cards with video

The Rocky Scratch game by Playtech is a good representation of video scratch cards. It features a scratch card with three cells, each displaying images of Rocky's opponents. Players are asked to choose a participant in the competition, and selecting a cell triggers a brief video that simulates the battle broadcast. If Rocky emerges victorious, the player wins a prize.

Poker Scratch Cards

Unconventional instant lotteries can be found beyond just online casinos. Scratch cards have become popular on poker room websites as well. For instance, PokerStars' bonus policy offers lottery tickets to its active users and withdraws following traditional rules. Winning is determined by matching three identical patterns on the card. Additionally, there are bingo scratch cards and bingo doubler scratch cards available.

Famous manufacturers of online scratch cards

Numerous manufacturers offer online scratch cards in their collections, as previously stated. Some of the most well-known ones include:

  • Playtech offers a vast selection of scratch cards, boasting over fifty versions. Among the popular models are Rocky Scratch, Classic Slots Scratch, Roulette Scratch, Gladiator, Kong - The 8th Wonder of the World, Thor, A Night Out, and Blackjack Scratch. Players also enjoy lotteries based on Marvel comics, which have received positive feedback from gamblers.
  • Microgaming provides a wide range of scratch cards, with popular options including Set & Scratch, Scratch Card, Scratch N Spin, Game, Slam Funk, Pharaoh's Gems, and Lucky Numbers.
  • NetEnt offers a variety of card games that feature traditional and unique gameplay options. One standout example is the Zodiac scratch card, which boasts an unconventional design but follows standard game rules. Another option is the 7 Gold Scratch lottery, which includes a bonus round and the potential to win up to 100,000 credits.

Scratch2Cash, the pioneer in online scratch cards, still holds a prominent position in the market. Their assortment features lotteries with substantial jackpots. One example is 3WOW, where players can win a million game units.

Contemporary manufacturers are consistently introducing fresh initiatives to enhance the appeal of instant lotteries for consumers. They are designing digital platforms, developing scratch games for mobile devices, and broadening the selection of models. Specialists anticipate continued growth in the online instant lottery industry.

Questions from Indian players about Scratch cards

What exactly is a scratch card in an online casino based in India?

Scratch cards in online gaming platforms are a blend of lottery and slot machines. They feature a "scratch" section, a panel or button, where symbols are revealed to form winning combinations. To hasten the game, players can use buttons like ScratchAll or RevealAll to uncover all fields and determine the game's outcome. This method is quicker than physically scratching cards.

Is it possible for me to play scratch cards?

Online scratch cards are accessible to all adults, but licensed online casinos have strict Responsible Gambling policies in place. You cannot play if you are under 18 years old. To verify your age, you must provide the casino with your passport details by uploading a photo or scan of your document. Once your identity and age have been confirmed, you can start playing scratch cards.

⚠️ Can scratching a card be considered a form of lottery?

Scratch cards, traditionally considered a form of a lottery when played offline, take on a more slot machine-like quality when played online. This is due to the use of Random Number Generators and various combinations.

What kinds of online casino scratch cards are available?

Those unfamiliar with this genre of games will be amazed by the diverse range of online scratch cards available for real money.
  • For those not drawn to the typical choices, CasinoGames offers the opportunity to play virtual scratch cards that resemble popular table and card games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette.
  • Lines are similar to slot machines; you must match specific symbols in a row or column to win. These games often feature "near misses," where three identical symbols appear in a row with a fourth symbol just missing.
  • Instant Win: True to its name, there are no frills here - just one shot, no do-overs, and so on.
  • Multiple Opportunities: The concept is straightforward. Players are provided with numerous opportunities to emerge victorious in the game.
Scratch cards vary not only in gameplay but also in themes, ranging from sports to adventure. Additionally, they come in different sizes of playing fields, such as 3x1, 3x3, 2x3, 2x2, and 3x4, and offer varying bet sizes.

🔞 What is the payout percentage for online casino scratch cards?

The Return to Player percentage is typically no higher than 90% when discussing physical scratch cards. However, regarding scratch cards offered on gambling platforms, the return can range from 94% to 97%, depending on the game.

😤 What strategies can be used in scratch cards?

There is currently no proven long-term approach to winning at scratch cards. However, some players may attempt to use progression-based systems such as Martingale, Labouchere, or D'Alembert.

📄 Who are the top scratch card suppliers?

Microgaming, Pariplay, NeoGames, Playtech, and GameSys are among the top developers of casino games.

🆓 Can you play scratch cards for free on the internet?

Gamblers can play online scratch cards for free, in addition to playing for real money. Each game has a demo version available for practice and to determine if it's the right fit. Some casinos also offer Deposit bonuses, such as a sign-up bonus, allowing players to play scratch cards for additional money.

💸 What is the maximum amount of money you can win from scratch cards?

Payouts vary across various scratch card games in online mode, ranging from x1000 to as high as x5000.

🔥 Is it fair to play scratch card games?

Indeed, engaging in scratch card games on the gambling websites we listed is entirely equitable. Every online casino we recommend possesses an official license, undergoes frequent inspections, and will not engage in fraudulent activities towards its patrons. Additionally, if you desire to participate in online scratch card games, neither the entertainment portal's administration nor any other party can disrupt your gameplay. This is because all games utilize the latest RNGs, ensuring that playing scratch cards is entirely secure.

❤️ Is playing scratch cards a safe activity?

As previously mentioned, playing online scratch cards is a particular activity. Gambling websites utilize the latest encryption techniques in addition to obtaining licenses and undergoing audits. The administration of these websites prioritizes the safety of their players and their funds. The most widely used encryption method today is SSL.

📲 Is it possible for me to access the mobile version of scratch cards?

Most contemporary casinos offer the option of playing on desktop and mobile versions. It doesn't matter which device you use- a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can play on any of them; some casinos even have applications for browsers and mobile devices.

💵 Can one earn money by playing scratch cards?

However, it is crucial not to become too engrossed. Remember that you are playing primarily for enjoyment and only secondarily to earn money. If you are still hoping for significant victories, scratch cards with jackpots may be more appropriate, but the stakes are higher than in regular ones.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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